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$995 /CD

The PractiSphere Dental Sleep Medicine Coding & Billing Reference Manual v. 2010.1 will guide you through the medical coding & billing process corresponding with Dr. Allman's 7 Appointment Protocol. This “guide to getting paid” features all of the relevant narrative reports, patient intake sheets, coding procedures, and correspondence letters and will provide a turn-key medical billing and coding solution for your Sleep practice.

The included Editable Forms Collection CD offers all of the forms included in the Medical Coding & Billing Reference Manual (v. 2010.1). All forms on the CD are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format and are completely editable. This will save you time, money, and frustration allowing you to focus on saving lives.

Some of the forms, letters and reports included:

PractiSphere Practice Management

Medical Billing & Coding Reference Manual & DSM Editable Forms Collection CD

  1. -Initial Patient Intake Sheet

  2. -Initial Exam MD Report

  3. -Patient Progress Questionnaire

  4. -Patient Progress MD Summary

  5. -Insurance Call Intake Form

  6. -Medicare Opt-Out Form

  1. -PAP Intolerance Form

  2. -New Patient Welcome Letter

  3. -OSA MMI Report

  4. -OSA Informed Consent

  5. -OSA Financial Agreement