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Sleep 201A Course Objectives:

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Implement the 7 Appointment Protocol: Hone skills from MD Referral and Initial phone call to the final appointment

  2. Practice impression and bite registration excellence.

  3. Develop a reliable system for insertion and titration success.

  4. Know why you are doing it right and they are doing it WRONG!

  5. Use forms, reports, consultation and contracts efficiently.

Sleep 201B Course Objectives:

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Insert, Titrate, & Troubleshoot YOUR Oral Appliances

  2. Experience what the patient feels and best understand side effects management.

  3. Know what forms and reports must be managed for best patient management and MD credibility.

  4. Determine when combination therapy is needed and when it’s not.

  5. Understand first-hand what CPAP does and what it really feels like.

  6. Leverage PSG, portable monitors and prognosis

  7. Master the diagnostics of sleep: Instrumentation and interpretation

  8. Understand why AHI and RDI can be very misleading!

Course Description:

The first session of Dr. Allman’s Sleep 201A-B series provides dentists and TEAM a valuable hands-on experience from patient consultation and examination to appliance selection, impressions, bite registrations and model handling. Attendees will learn and practice essential clinical skills to avoid the five worst patient management mistakes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have appliances custom fabricated to take home and truly experience first-hand what our patients are experiencing. Complex cases will be presented to give the Dental Sleep Physician better understanding of oral appliance prognosis avoiding forever the “It Is My Fault” mentality; Learn to think like a physician!

Sleep 201B continues the dentist-team hands-on experience with appliance insertion, follow-up protocol and side effects management strategies. Learn essential clinical skills and verbiage to finish your oral appliance therapy efficiently and predictably.

Course Schedule:

  TBD 2014 (201A-Toronto, CAN)

  TBD 2014 (201B-Toronto, CAN)


  Sleep 101 or

  Previous Sleep Level 1 Course


  14 Participation, 18 Lecture




Sleep 201A&B - DSM Hands-On Mastery Parts 1 & 2