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Sleep 301 - The Complex Cases: Sleep & TMD

Course Schedule:

  TBD 2014 (Reno, NV)


  Sleep 201A & 201B or

  Previous Sleep Level 2 Course


   2 Participation, 14 Lecture




Course Objectives:

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the clinical differential diagnoses of OSA and TMD

  2. Confidently prioritize multidisciplinary TMD treatment protocol

  3. Develop a comprehensive COMPLEX patient strategy

  4. Understand ascending and descending postural compensatory patterns

  5. Implement a multidisciplinary approach to TMD therapy

  6. Know when NOT to place a TMD orthotic.

Course Description:

Do you understand clinically how ascending and descending postures affect your treatment?

Is posture important and does your treatment consider compensatory postural mechanics?

Can you refer to chiropractors, massage therapists,  and psychologists confidently and collaboratively?

What do you do when your splint doesn’t work?

Many of our patients referred for oral appliance therapy for OSA have TMD issues just as many of our TMD patients fail to thrive with our splint therapy due to unmanaged OSA. OSA and TMD are both considered diseases of craniofacial anatomy with overlapping clinical presentations though distinct diagnoses and sequelae. It is important to recognize these two debilitating conditions distinctly in an effort to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Allman brings together advanced concepts regarding the TMD-OSA overlap syndrome; from patient examination and screening to clinical orchestration and management. Dr. Allman answers the difficult questions in this two day course taking a discriminating look at appliance therapies for OSA and TMD.  Maximize your clinical ability to evaluate when your TMD appliance is working, and when and why it is NOT WORKING. Learn to avoid the one-hammer-one-nail TMD orthotic protocol.

This is truly the first cross-over TMD-OSA course of its kind. These are the puzzle pieces you have truly been missing. Understand yesterdays failures to improve tomorrows outcomes.