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TMD401 - Head & Neck Injection Intensive

Course Objectives:

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand trigger point pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment

  2. Identify trigger points in muscle and relevant head and neck anatomy using intraoral and extraoral landmarks

  3. Develop appropriate office protocols for the administration and handling of multi dose vials, injection therapies and post injection follow-up

  4. Use referral pain patterns to better diagnose and treat common craniofacial pain conditions

  5. Administer medicaments appropriately to muscles, TMJs, tendons and ligaments following clinical examination and differential diagnoses

  6. Provide prolotherapy injections and follow-up to TMJs using recommended guidelines

Course Schedule:

    TBD 2014 (Reno, NV)




   8 Participation, 8 Lecture




Course Description:

As an identified Dental Sleep Medicine practitioner, get ready to add a valuable tool to your toolbox; Head and Neck Injection Therapy. In this class, using well-placed medicaments, clinicians will learn to diagnose elusive referral pain patterns more accurately. Trigger point therapies will be presented with particular emphasis on injection therapies. TMJ, tendon and ligament arthralgia and arthrosis will also be discussed; when to inject, what to inject, how to inject.