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About our DVD’s & Other Courses:

“Through taking courses from Dr. Allman, I have the opportunity to help my patients save their lives! I can effectively and confidently take care of their needs and ensure they can live a long healthy life with a chronic disease such as obstructive sleep apnea. I have also purchased the 7 Appointment Protocol to further provide, in detail a protocol for patient interaction and care. Our team has used this series repeatedly for training and we feel it is a large part of our success in reinforcing what we have learned in the lecture format. Many thanks to Team Allman in providing us with this opportunity.”
                              Dr. Keith Blankenship - Blankenship Dental

About the Online Sleep Academy:

“Cant wait for the next monthly webinar. Everyone is like exciting and informative. If anyone is thinking about adding sleep to their practice sign up NOW for these amazing monthly events.”

                                   Dr. Benjamin Polan - Exceptional Dental

About our Comprehensive Course Curriculum:

“DSM resurfaced my passion for my field: ‘Compassion & Care’ which was the reason I chose the field, it also buffered my practice in this economic condition. Elite Dental Institute is the BEST available, no doubt in my mind.”

         Dr. Rashmi Parmar - Parmar Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“I would highly recommend Dr. Allman’s courses; take advantage of his experience and knowledge. Dr. Allman and his entire team are very approachable. DSM has allowed me to help my patients, not only fixing their teeth and gums, but play a role in their health, prevent strokes, and save lives. Dr. Allman’s courses are excellent because they give you the skills to communicate with local physicians in your area.”

                                    Dr. Jaime Gonzales

“Do not hesitate or procrastinate. You will learn from the best!”


“What are you waiting for? Go do it! It’ll change your life - it will change your patients’ lives!”


About our Collaborative Sleep Symposium:

“This course demonstrates the practical needs of treating OSA with the medical model, using an interdisciplinary approach! My knowledge level and ability to communicate with medical colleagues has greatly improved!”

                                    Dr. David Schmidt - Lake Forest Smiles

“First course that put it all together. I feel I have the tools to create my own medical-dental network to treat SDB-OSA. Excited!”

                                    Dr. David Striebel - David Striebel DDS

“For a great perspective on how OSA is viewed across the medical profession and where and how dentistry plugs in, Sleep Level 3 is great; you won’t read a health history the same.”

                                    Dr. Dan Mannikko - Dan Mannikko DDS

“Best Course EVER! the integration of the clinical for the docs and the office management and education for the teams was indispensable for the successful implementation of treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea -the "dental solution to a medical problem"

                             Bonnie Arons-Polan - Exceptional Dental

“This course should be delivered in all medical and dental schools. It is an excellent example of multidisciplinary collaboration which should be considered standard of practice for any healthcare professional and part of required continuing education.”

                             Dr. Tammerie Heit - Scotia Square Dentistry

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