Welcome to Elite Dental Institute, an organization dedicated to teaching dentists about sleep medicine! Founded by Dr. J. Brian Allman, Elite Dental Institute has assisted dental practices around the world through comprehensive sleep dentistry education. We invite you to learn more about sleep dentistry and how Elite Dental Institute can improve your dental practice!

“Please take the time to look at the resources we have made available to you. My goal is not to get you addicted to what I teach. My goal is to get you addicted to what you can do in your clinic!”

– Founder, Dr. J. Brian Allman


Dr. J Brian Allman, Founder

“Through taking courses from Dr. Allman, I have the opportunity to help my patients save their lives! I can effectively and confidently take care of their needs and ensure they can live a long healthy life with a chronic disease such as obstructive sleep apnea.”

- Dr. Keith Blankenship
Blankenship Dental

“This course should be delivered in all medical and dental schools. It is an excellent example of multidisciplinary collaboration which should be considered standard of practice for any healthcare professional and part of required continuing education”

- Dr. Tammerie Heit
Scotia Square Dentistry

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